At Foothills Disability Law, we take a team approach to every case, ensuring that each client gets the individual attention he or she deserves and the benefits of all of our firm’s expertise.  Typically, Nancy L. Huegerich, Esq., provides legal research and case preparation and drafts all briefs filed on your behalf.  Should your case be denied at the Administrative Law Judge hearing and at the Appeals Council and if Foothills Disability Law feels that further appeal is appropriate, Nancy L. Huegerich will represent your case in Federal Court.  C. Jane Johnson will be your primary contact and will represent you at your initial hearing.  Jane and Nancy work closely together in preparation of your case for your hearing.  Ginny Beisler, RN, will provide medical consultation services for all aspects of your case, and will represent you at your Medicaid hearing.  Learn more about:


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